Yes I know I will not talk about jewelry in this post or very little anyway. It's good sometimes, right? :)  

We are all on the same boat, all confined to our home. For my part, I am in complete confinement because I am at risk due to the immunosuppressants that I have been taking (for a very long time).

By this post, I just wanted to share with you what makes me feel good right now. Hope I can help you even a little bit!


We all (or many of us) are going through a multitude of emotions right now and sometimes on the same day. It's a bit of a roller coaster between anger, uncertainty, frustration, joy, anxiety, discouragement, hope, ... I did not know that I could feel so many emotions on only one day! :)

We can decide to feed our fear and anxiety caused by the coronavirus. Or we can decide to fuel our joy, our love and our gratitude.

As a jeweler and therefore independent and having a very small business, my first thoughts were thoughts of insecurity, fear, uncertainty, doubts for those around me, for me, for my little "business" but also for the whole world. The social and economic impact is enormous!

But after a short week of reflections of this kind, I refocused saying to myself ok you can go in this direction there but and if finally we did not all have a lesson to learn from this crisis, this tornado? And if we use this period to do everything that we never have time to do, to be, to write, to read, ... And if we use this obligatory moment of pause to be creative and reinvent our daily? I really see it as an ode to slowness!

yoga kundalini

I want to share with you here (this is a non-exhaustive list) in this post what makes me feel good and what I chose to feed in time of coronavirus after a week of confinement:


I have already been practicing for almost two years but this confinement allows me to practice more than 2 hours per day. This practice is incredible and has changed me deeply, both my body and my mind. I’d love to tell you more about it in a future post because it’s so powerful. And the mantras that we sing are so engaging !!

Kundalini yoga, I practice it with Caroline Benezet sur Yoga Connect (at my place) and with Guillermo Descal in the center ofyoga Radiant Light Yoga (avant et après le confinement bien entendu). 


I met Lili Barbery, Professor of Kundalini, in Paris following the reading of his book "La Réconciliation" which had upset me. I have been "following" her on the networks for a few months and for a week now she has been offering live meditation on Instagram from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. The first day we were 700, this evening we were 7000 !!! It shows how much we all need to connect with each other virtually.

Recently, I take part in the meditations of Odile Chabrillac live on social networks. She is the author of the book "Soul of a witch", professor of kundalini and naturopath. This woman has incredible energy! And a very smiling and reassuring voice on top of that. Just listening to it calms me already. I would like to meet her in Paris when the confinement is lifted.
The last sentence of his meditation last night is: "I think you have to cross the empty void to access the full void". I find that very beautiful!
In addition, she has just launched live Kundalini yoga classes on zoom. 

If you already know kundalini and want mantra ideas, don't hesitate to contact me. contacter. I will be happy to share my playlist with you!


What I say here is very personal. But it is true that this confinement helps me to be more attentive to my needs, to eat very balanced, to take relaxing moments, not to work too much. I was convinced that to run my small jewelry business, I had to work constantly, without counting my hours, evenings and Sundays. Well no, even when you are independent you need to relax, not skip a meal, sleep well and take care of your body. 

For several weeks already, I have a subscription on the application Calm. I find it great for mindfulness exercises and for sleeping well. And I also use the application Respirelax+ for heart coherence. This reduces (scientifically) the state of stress if you practice 5 min 3x per day.


I discovered the whats'app cam a week ago and I really like the idea of ​​meeting to talk to each other. I, who was not very comfortable using the image and seeing myself in the mirror, ultimately I only get something positive out of it. 

I have never wanted so much to be in contact with my friends, my entourage and even people whom I saw little or no, with whom I had also distanced myself.


I have always loved to write. Even if I don't consider having a nice pen at all, I love it and even more in notebooks when it can be handwritten! The act of writing by hand does not at all have the same positive effect as writing on the computer. 

Il y a quelques mois, une amie me parlait des podcasts de Clotilde "Change ma vie". I quickly became addicted. And recently she proposed to listen to episode 46 which is called: The flood of thoughts. It is a very small writing exercise to do 5 minutes every morning. It feels great!


I am very lucky to have a small garden in town (in Brussels). I have never had so much gratitude for this! I who have never had a green thumb or who never wanted to have it, I can tell you that now I get a lot of pleasure from it. I was still waiting for the jungle to work there. Today I spend 30 min a day there to remove weeds, to sow, to arrange it. and I took out my garden chair for the first rays of spring sunshine. Even if it is facing due north, I manage to catch a ray of sunshine at the bottom of the garden in the morning for the 11h break. What happiness!

DO NOT LISTEN TOO MUCH TO THE MEDIA or in any case choose them well!


Luc Antoine (my dear Dad), Advisor in Feng-Shui for more than 25 years, offers you a post on his blog on how to rearrange your living space during this period of confinement? Link here


All these outbursts of sharing and generosity warm my heart. I hope that after confinement, we will remain connected to people, nature and essential values!

And you, what are you doing this weekend? :))

Que faire ce week-end?

Sunset yoga

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