We are still in the same boat. The containment is extended until the beginning of May for a very gradual deconfinement thereafter. 

On this rather special day for me, I wanted to share my thoughts with you after a month of confinement.


First of all, today is my birthday. And it's the first time I've experienced this day alone as I'm in full confinement and live alone. It's an interesting experience! And paradoxically I don't feel lonely at all.

Then, after these 4 weeks of lockdown, I took the time to refocus, to align myself with my deepest values, with my buried dreams, to review my diet and my lifestyle, to (re)find moments of relaxation and pleasure. While keeping a place for work, but much less than before! I realise how much I was a workaholic and how much I forgot my emotions and my body! I thought doing yoga once a week in my busy schedule was enough...

New chapter

Why do we always wait for the crisis to challenge us? I don't really know! I think we are by nature lazy and caught in avoidance mechanisms due to our routine! We never get a chance to look at what is going on inside us. But what I do know is that this process of introspection which is taking place at the moment like a forced pause is very positive for me. I feel committed to myself but also to the collective. I have a pressing need to surround myself with what is meaningful.


This prolonged global confinement leads me to believe that this moment is here for us to give even more meaning to our values, our emotions, our feelings, to the human, to revisit our mode of consumption, to return to solidarity and empathy, to honour the living, to cultivate our inner garden, to "be" rather than "do", to choose love over fear, to return to the essentials, to simply be authentic in all transparency.

Like you, I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I am rather anxious by nature and have often been caught up in anxieties about projecting into the future. 

Today we are all on the same boat with no grip on tomorrow. 

I try to stay focused on the Here and Now to keep my mind, body and jewellery studio afloat. This is largely thanks to my Kundalini practice which I mentioned in the March post on my blog.


I've been designing jewellery for years. I always enjoy it so much. Today I decided to take a different turn. I have decided to come back as close as possible to my dream when I started studying at the Arts et Métiers, that is to say to dedicate myself to jewellery and unique pieces.

Jewellery is about highlighting precious stones and solid gold, my favourite material (as it is extremely pleasant to work with unlike silver).

I will therefore focus my energy mainly on your requests for bespoke jewellery and gold and gemstone collections. Currently, you can find the Synchronicity collection and the Eternal Kô collection on my eshop. A new collection is in the works ;)

For your custom made requests, I am available by phone or email until the lockdown is over. I love above all to create unique pieces just for you that you wear like lucky charms so emotionally charged with your story. And me, making you live positive emotions and distilling a little beauty in this world, it makes me happy.

Reassure yourself, my entire stock of silver and gold-plated silver jewellery is still available here. And I'd be delighted if they were now part of your story rather than mine :)


The time of Easter and spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. We close old chapters to open new ones. It is a very creative energy that emerges.
Let's make room for light for a creative rebirth!

So I am thrilled to be opening a new chapter in my professional project! And it's all thanks to you. It is thanks to you that I can continue to practice my passion, my profession which is jewellery. It is thanks to your interest, your enthusiasm, your orders, your custom projects that I can go further in my work of creating jewellery!

My new website is now online

Thank you so much for your unconditional support!

Take good care of yourselves and of others,


© All photographs in this post are from Pinterest and Enora Antoine