In January I met Louis, a young talented videographer and photographer. His eye is very interesting. The film below is the result of this collaboration.

I am very happy to share with you my daily life and to open the doors of my workshop; the space where I find myself, where I am concentrated, I think, I escape, I think of nothing else but the work of the material. And very often accompanied by music and without phone or computer to be completely disconnected.

The film 

collier eternal ko

What is jewellery?

It is to flow, to create shapes, to pull thread, to hammer, to stamp, to file, to peel, to measure, to chisel, to saw, to weld, to rivet, to drill, to polish, to set stones, ...

The stages are so numerous that you have here a summary of the different stages of the work! And all this is done with care and attention by my little hands.

All my jewels come from a manual handcrafting, guarantee of the quality of my creations.

For two years now, I have received from the Belgian State the Certified Crafts label. It is a recognition that touches me a lot and that confirms me in my choice to continue to do this exceptional work and to perpetuate this manual know-how so precious and important.

Each coin is engraved with two hallmarks: my hallmark (recognized by the Royal Mint of Belgium) representing my signature and the other indicating the purity of gold and silver.

I also propose tailor-made creations. I will be happy to put my know-how at your service to satisfy your personalized requests. I will advise you and guide you in the choice of shapes and materials so that this creation becomes a unique and exceptional jewel and that it really corresponds to what you want.

If you have gold jewellery that you want to recast, I will be happy to "recycle" and transform into a new jewellery creation made for you.

I also make engagement rings and personalized wedding rings.

Do not hesitate to contact me, by email or by phone, to set up an appointment in our workshop-showroom to discuss your needs and wishes.

To find and discover the work of the young videographer and photographer Louis Vielle, his Instagram account is a good preview and it happens here ⇾ Unknow