My brand new collection Eternal Kô in 18 carats solid gold, a dialogue between past and present, classic and contemporary, pays tribute to the artistic genius of my great-grandmother, Suzanne, painter and lover of beauty! Indeed, she transmitted me the taste of the aesthetics and the art and which aroused this desire to express myself by the creation of jewels. His legacy is clearly expressed in my creative inspiration.

This beautiful pleonasm mixing English and Japanese, means "eternity". It brings to light a double meaning for me: love and transmission.

The story: I found this winter a love letter. This letter dated 1960 is that of my great-grandmother written for her husband. It resonated in me like a call. This eternal love that my great grandparents had for each other inspired me with the name of this collection. Kô being their nickname of lover.


For this jewellery collection that highlights these values ​​of love and transmission, I have obviously turned to precious and eternal materials that are 18 carats solid gold, diamonds and emeralds. Through this collection I hope to perpetuate this intergenerational link and make my Suzanne / Kô eternal!

Eternal kô

Alliance of diamonds and freshwater cultured pearls mounted on 18 carats solid yellow gold. My new Eternal Kô collection is also available in emerald and tourmaline.

The collection is composed of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. The choice of the setting turned to the "millegrain", an ancient technique that gives its vintage charm to the jewels.

The pearls are carefully selected and come from freshwater cultures. Diamonds (G / H SI) respect the Kimberley process, which guarantees their legitimate sources outside conflict zones.

All the jewels of this collection are imagined, conceptualized and realized from A to Z (from the idea through the manufacture and the setting) in my workshop in Brussels.


To find all the models of my new collection, it happens on this magic link. All my models are customizable in terms of the color of the material (yellow gold, white gold, ...) and at the level of the chosen gems (diamonds, coloured sapphires, emeralds, rubies, pink tourmaline, ...). To do this, just book a meeting with me at the showroom in Brussels.

Hope to meet you soon,