Happy! Yes, that's the word that comes to mind as I launch my new collection!

I'm delighted to explain what it means to me, what a synchronicity is, ...



This collection has long been born in my head. And I am thrilled that it is finally real! In my heart of hearts, I have always been convinced that our encounters and the events that happen are not just random. Everything has a meaning, or at least everything happens at the right time on our path. This collection is very important to me. It is really an expression of my hypersensitivity and everything that touches me deeply on this life path. Sometimes as a highly sensitive person, we experience events more intensely. A storm for someone is a tsunami for me. But moments of happiness are also very intense!

This synchronicity, an expression coming from Carl Jung, is for me the magic of life! We grow through encounters and events and if we are slightly receptive, we can learn a lot and evolve. My Synchronicity collection is an expression of these positive events and the roadblocks or pitfalls that always lead us to the right place, where we need to be. Wearing this capsule collection is like a little talisman that is always close to us, to our heart. It reminds us of our rightful place and makes us bright and shiny!

Creoles Synchronicity


As Odile Chabrillac says so well in her book Ame de Sorcière, intuition is about being open to signs and synchronicities. In the West, the mind and the body are divided. We have an all-powerful mind that prevents us from hearing the messages of the body. This disconnection from our emotions makes it much more difficult to access our intuition. It comes through the body and not through the head. This is why it is necessary to stay in touch with ourselves and not be disturbed too much by stimuli from the outside world.

For Carl Gustav Jung, a synchronicity is a "happy coincidence". it is when two events occurring at the same time without any causal link are perceived by the person as having a meaning. For Jung, these are signs of guidance confirming the direction we should take. The consequence of this is to agree to stop trying to control everything.

This prolonged global confinement leads me to believe that this moment is here for us to make even more sense of our emotions, our feelings, our body's messages, our intuition, to simply be authentic in transparency by trusting ourselves more.

Like you, I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I am rather anxious by nature and have often been caught up in anxieties about projecting into the future. 

Today we are all in the same boat with no control over tomorrow. Let's let go of control while being anchored!

I try to stay focused on the Here and Now to keep my mind, body and jewellery studio afloat. This is largely thanks to my Kundalini practice which I mentioned in the March post on my blog.



A combination of freshwater cultured pearls, rubies, emeralds and pink sapphires set in solid 18-karat yellow gold, my new Synchronicity collection is also available in full diamonds. The collection consists of earrings, necklaces and rings. The chains are thin, the ring bodies are elegantly finished. The pearls and coloured gemstones are carefully selected in collaboration with my gemologists.

Do you like my new collection? Does it make sense to you? Synchronicity speaks to you?

Looking forward to your feedback,