Deliberately contemporary, the brand Enora Antoine proposes a delicate and purified line of jewels with original and timeless design.

It is the fruit of a desire to share a real passion for jewellery and gemology, and to open the door to an intimate universe, marked by poetry and elegance.

Her creations, which are unique handcrafted work, are the outcome of a meticulous practice guided by an ancestral and complex know-how of the art of the jeweler’s.


Enora Antoine


All our jewellery is made by hand.The materials are 925 sterling silver and pink or yellow 18 carats gold plated silver (vermeil).

The natural stones are carefully selected such as lapis lazuli, agate,  jade, topaz, rubies, diamonds, ...

Each piece is engraved with two marks. One is our signature, our hallmark recognized by "La Monnaie Royale de Belgique", the other being an indication of the purity of the precious metals (Ag925, AU750, ..).



Very young, Enora already has the passion for fabrics, threads, pearls, colors and shiny materials.

Her sense of true beauty drives her to understand the person who is going to wear her creations. For that purpose, she will also follow a Master- degree in Psychology. During five years, Enora will couple the practice of Psychology and her never-ending passion for new creations. Little by little, an interest arises for the jewels that illuminate the person who will be dressed.

With her growing confidence, she will focus exclusively on creating jewellery and she will refine her art by following a training in a jewellery’s school. Follower of a certain shape of classicism, she builds her collections in a delicate and uncluttered style. In her workshop, she assembles materials and forms. Under her fingers bright jewels are born by mixing gold and silver, natural and precious stones.

To enrich her jewellery collection is a permanent pleasure for Enora Antoine; she lives her passion through journeys, by discovering new horizons, creating with the inspiation of other cultures. Her creations are fed from these places : Bali, Thaîland, Chili, Mexico...

Enora is awarded the “Price for the Best Craftsman of Brussels” and a Gustave Boël - Sofina Grant for her handicraft, received by the Roi Baudouin Fondation. This certificate is a testimony of the excellence of her work.

Wires, lightness and geometric shapes are the signatures for the initmate and delicate style of Enora Antoine.

Portrait Enora Antoine