All our jewellery is made by hand. The materials are 925 sterling silver and pink or yellow 18 carats gold plated silver (vermeil).

The natural stones are carefully selected such as lapis lazuli, agate,  jade, topaz, rubies, diamonds, ... 

Each piece is engraved with two marks. One is our signature, our hallmark recognized by "La Monnaie Royale de Belgique", the other being an indication of the purity of the precious metals (Ag925, AU750, ..).

Gemstones and Materials

Deliberately contemporary, the brand Enora Antoine proposes a delicate and purified line of jewels with original and timeless design.

It is the fruit of a desire to share a real passion for jewellery and gemology, and to open the door to an intimate universe, marked by poetry and elegance.

Her creations, which are unique handcrafted work, are the outcome of a meticulous practice guided by an ancestral and complex know-how of the art of the jeweler’s.

Bespoke Jewellery

In addition to her seasonal collections, Enora also offers taller-made jewellery which she adapts to your needs and wishes. She will be delighted to share her knowledge with you in order to best address your individual request. 

She will be able to guide you and advise you about the choice of shapes and materials needed to make a unique and exceptional jewellery which corresponds exactly to what you want. 

She also makes engagement rings and personalised wedding rings. 

Do not hesitate to contact her, by email or by phone, to schedule an appointment in her atelier-showroom to discuss your needs and wishes.