Labradorite, that sublime stone. I discovered it thanks to my osteopath cousin who always keeps one in her pocket. Indeed, to be a therapist is to be in permanent contact with a certain malaise. In addition to being a stone with mysterious and captivating metallic reflections of a shimmering blue and green, this mineral has a healing and protective effect.



I am not a great gem specialist. What I am passing on to you here is what I have learned during my jewellery studies and through personal research and meetings with gemologists.

My desire to know more about stones is growing. This is why, next fall, I will have the great opportunity to participate in a two-week workshop at one of the most recognized gemmological institutes, the SSEF. These institutes exist to certify stones that are often valuable, as requesting a certificate for a stone is not for everyone. But they also allow you to train to become an expert in stones, a gemmologist. Before there was the HRD in Antwerp and the GIA in the US, now there is also for coloured stones notably the SSEF in Basel, Switzerland. I can't wait!"


What is labradorite? It is a mineral of the feldspar family like amazonite or moonstone.
It is a stone exhibiting a set of metallic luster colours ranging from blue to green. These reflections are related to interference phenomena.

What is the origin of the name labradorite? It comes from the Canadian peninsula of Labrador where one of the deposits is located. It was discovered in 1770 by missionaries.

Where are the mines located? The most important deposits are therefore found in Canada. They are also found in Australia, Madagascar and Mexico. 


For those sensitive to the symbolism of stones, labradorite is a source of protection.

For Chloé Sarasola, a gemologist, labradorite is the Guardian Angel stone. As she says, this stone allows you to "strengthen your healing gifts and knowledge. It allows you to open the channels and communication paths so that you can find the information you need in your work in helping others. It allows you to ask for protection."

Labradorite acts as a powerful shield that absorbs and dissolves negative energy. It will help you by keeping you at a distance from these negative energies and prevent others from feeding on your energy. This is why it is often referred to as the therapist's stone.