Jewellery for me is above all a story of passion.

My brand is the result of a life change. Ex-psychologist, I love the jewel, this little object full of meaning, emotions, intentions, images, …

I like to revisit the classic by adding authenticity and a contemporary touch in my collections. I offer you an intimate and delicate jewellery in gold and precious gemstones, half-way between classical and modern style.

My jewellery is handcrafted with love in my studio in Brussels. Authenticity, quality and passion is what drives me in my work.

To enrich my jewellery collection is a permanent pleasure for me; I live my passion through journeys, by discovering new horizons, creating with the inspiration of other cultures.

My mission?
Distill some beauty and make you experience positive emotions!


I am betting on a more responsible jewellery industry.

To move towards a world where we put people and respect for the environment first and foremost, and by not selling overproduction but at the right price jewellery that is made to last.

I commit myself to never stop questioning myself, to find solutions towards the best possible alternatives.


Quality first!

In collaboration with the best gemologists in Brussels and Antwerp, I select the most beautiful precious and fine stones. I work with the same suppliers since the beginning. They are mainly small structures with whom I have a relationship of trust.

Recycled gold

All my jewellery is handmade, which guarantees the quality of my creations. The gold used is 18 carat recycled gold. As there is already a lot of gold circulating on the market, gold from the mine is no longer necessary. I give new life to gold by avoiding very polluting phases and thus avoiding a strong environmental impact.

Recycled gold comes from the recovery of old, broken jewellery or other small gold objects. To a lesser extent, it is extracted from electronic waste. Once recovered, the gold is analysed to identify whether it is pure gold or an alloy.

The gold then goes through the refining phase, which is designed to extract and separate the precious metals, especially the gold, from the other metals present. From this I then make your jewellery ♡.


Recently, in order to have more time to receive you and create together the jewel of your dreams as well as to create new collections, I have delegated part of the poduction of my creations to a friend whose workshop is also located in Brussels and to a small family workshop in Portugal that I love. They both do an incredible job!

In full transparency

The diamonds are selected in accordance with the Kimberley Process, which aims to combat conflict diamonds and ensures that they are sourced from legitimate sources and not involved in conflict. All selected gemstones are also ethically sourced.

The hallmarks

All my jewels are handcrafted, which guarantees the quality of my creations. Moreover, each piece is engraved with two hallmarks: my master hallmark (recognised by the Royal Belgian Mint) representing my signature and the other indicating the title, the purity of the gold and silver.


Did you know that I take back your broken or damaged jewellery, or that you no longer like it, to transform it into a new piece of custom-made jewellery? Don't hesitate to make an appointment by video or in person in my showroom in Brussels to discuss this!