Your dream jewel can come true!

Have you dreamed of a jewel for a long time?
Do you want to wear a unique piece of jewellery that you can't find anywhere else?
Do you have jewellery that you no longer wear? They are no longer to your taste or just broken ...
Why not transform them into a more current piece of jewellery that you will enjoy?

I will be delighted to put my know-how at your service for your personalized requests. If you have gold jewellery that you want to recast, I can recycle it and transform it into a new creation for you.

I also make engagement rings and personalized wedding rings as well as birth gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, etc. All the moments of life are important. We will try together to make them unforgettable by designing a timeless piece of jewellery.

All of my jewellery comes from handcrafted craftsmanship, guaranteeing the quality of my creations. In addition, each coin is engraved with two hallmarks: my hallmark (recognized by the Royal Mint of Belgium) representing my signature and the other indicating the purity of gold and silver.

In collaboration with the best Brussels and Antwerp gemologists, I select the most beautiful precious stones. I have been working with the same suppliers from the start. They are mainly small structures with which I maintain relationships of trust.

Diamonds are chosen in accordance with the Kimberley Process which aims to combat conflict diamonds and which guarantees that they are obtained from legitimate sources and not involved in a conflict.

You can also contact me for repairs, engravings, settings, cleaning and resizing.

"Through her jewellery skills -combined with a constant desire of discovering the world, of knowing others – Enora is able to deliver more than just a piece of jewellery : she delivers emotion."

Alix Moyon from Jewelry Landmark

hey! I am Enora!

Jewellery for me is above all a story of passion.

Ex-psychologist, I love the jewel, this little object full of meaning, emotions, intentions, images, … 

I like to revisit the classic by adding authenticity and a contemporary touch in my collections. My jewellery is handcrafted with love in my studio in Brussels. Authenticity, quality and passion is what drives me in my work.

To enrich my jewellery collection is a permanent pleasure for me; I live my passion through journeys, by discovering new horizons, creating with the inspiration of other cultures.

"Celebrate an important moment and cross the time… A timeless jewellery!"