Would you like to wear a unique piece of jewellery that cannot be found anywhere else? A piece of jewellery that looks like you?

My bespoke creations are made from scratch or can be customised from my permanent collection.

Jewellery made of recycled 18 carat gold and precious stones and entirely handmade in my workshops. Ethical and refined jewellery!

Recycle your old jewellery!

Do you have jewellery that you no longer wear? They are no longer to your taste or simply broken...

Why not turn them into a new piece of jewellery?

If you have a piece of gold jewellery that you want to recast, I can "recycle" it and turn it into a new creation for you. I can also recover the stones set in it and mount them on a new jewellery creation.

How is gold recycled?

Recycled gold comes from the recovery of old, broken jewellery or other small gold objects. To a lesser extent, it is extracted from electronic waste. Once recovered, the gold is analysed to identify whether it is pure gold or an alloy.

The gold then goes through the refining phase, which is designed to extract and separate the precious metals, especially gold, from the other metals present. Once all the processing and refining is done, you have gold that is as pure as the gold from the other side of the world, with the added bonus of quality control of the alloy! All this gold is then remelted to be reused to give it a second life. It is from this that I then make your jewellery ♡.

«Through her jewellery skills -combined with a constant desire of discovering the world, of knowing others – Enora is able to deliver more than just a piece of jewellery : she delivers emotion.»

Alix Moyon from Jewelry Landmark

What my clients think!

«My purchase fully met my expectations. As it was for a birthday, Enora contacted me to see if I wanted to drop a note and the package arrived right on time to make my friend a woman delighted with her present!»


"We received the ring, and my partner loves it! Thank you very much for your professionalism."


«My husband gave me for Valentine's Day more than 2 years ago the sunshine ring in pink gold. He then offered me the necklace from the same collection. I'm in love with them and never leaves them.»


"The desire to please me, to offer me an elegant gift so different from all my other jewellery. A ring to slip on my finger, a bit like a testimony of love towards myself ... Selfish? No, just the need to love myself a little and to feel more alive than the disease that inhabits me. It is a delight every time I wear this ring made up of 3 rings. And then one day the desire to wear a pendant in harmony ... A precise request with echo of the listening and availability of Enora. A second piece of jewellery that fully meets my expectations and is in perfect harmony with my ring."


«A designer who listens, allowing me to complete a set offered by my grandparents. Quick deadlines, price proposals according to the finish chosen quite reasonable, a designer who takes the time to receive you in her showroom to see if you like the project ... in short, only positive !! All in a resplendent setting ... Strongly recommended!.»


" I received my ring well and I find it super pretty. And the size is indeed the right one. Thanks for your advices. I am glad!"


« I wanted to have a ring to mark my new professional cape a key and important moment for me I had spotted a nice model of ring on the website. I made an appointment for a fitting in his showroom. Enora knew how to listen and understand my desire for a ring, the symbol of this new ring and above all very well advise me on what suited me and what suited me from the choice of material to that of stone. I am more than delighted it is a ring that does not leave my finger and I have very good memories of our discussions!»