Our jewellery is delicate and deserves to be handled with care all the time.

Gold is the only precious metal that will not tarnish, please note that it is a relatively soft metal and can get scratches easily, and that the greatest care should always be taken with your gold jewellery. Although they are made to order to be worn every day, it is relevant to follow some general advice and simple precautions for them to keep their original shine and beauty.

Please read our advices carefully:

○ When you do not wear your jewellery, we recommend storing it in its box, to avoid friction with other jewellery and oxidation due to moisture, air and light.

○ Thin chains often get tangled up, even when separated from other chains, we recommend to close bracelets and necklaces and store them separately.

○ When wearing your jewellery, you should avoid shocks. Even if we wanted you to wear your jewellery like a second skin, we advise you to remove your jewellery before sleeping, physical activity

○ And as well during your shower or for household chores. Indeed, corrosive products (detergents, lacquer, perfume, shower gel, ..) can damage the metal.

○ By nature all jewellery may occasionally catch on clothes and other surfaces, in order to avoid snagging and potential damage, we recommend removing before undressing or putting your jewellery on last when you are getting dressed regarding the pieces you believe this might happen with.

○ We advise you to regularly and gently clean your jewellery. Simply use warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to restore luster and shine to metal and stones. You can also use a special polishing gold jewellery fabric.

We do not accept responsibility for any damage resulting from improper unrecommended use of our jewellery.