My creations are delicate and must be treated with the utmost care.

Gold is the only precious metal that does not tarnish, be aware that it is a relatively soft metal and can easily scratch, and the utmost care should always be taken with your gold jewelry. Although they are made to be worn every day, it is important to follow a few simple care tips and precautions to keep them looking their original shine and beauty.

Thank you for reading these tips carefully:

○ When you are not wearing your jewelry, I recommend storing it in its case, received at the time of purchase, to avoid rubbing with other jewelry and oxidation due to humidity and light.

○ Thin chains often get tangled, even when separated from other chains, I recommend closing bracelets and necklaces and storing them separately.

○ When wearing your jewelry, I recommend avoiding shock. Even though we wanted you to wear your jewelry like a second skin, we recommend that you remove your jewelry before sleeping, when you are doing physical activity.

○ Remove your jewelry when showering or doing household chores. Indeed, corrosive products (detergent, hairspray, perfume, shower gel, hydroalcoholic gel, ...) can deteriorate the metal.

○ All jewelry can sometimes snag on clothing and other surfaces, in order to avoid snags and potential damage, we recommend that you remove it before undressing or put your jewelry on last when getting dressed with regard to pieces you think this might happen.

○ I recommend regularly and gently cleaning your jewelry. This can be done by using warm water (50-60°) with a mild soap (or baking soda), one drop of amoniac and a soft toothbrush to restore the shine and luster to the metal and stones. You can also use a special gold chamois.

Make sure your ring is just the right size. A ring that is slightly too large will be able to catch on more easily and therefore warp and scratch. So you need to make sure your ring is exactly your size!

○ I would advise you to check your jewel once a year by a preofessional jeweler. Indeed, he/she will be able to clean your jewelry, check that the setting is still tight, repolish the piece in order to remove small scratches and scuffs.

Opal is a brittle and fragile stone that needs to be taken good care of. We recommend avoiding any shock and contact with liquids, creams, ... It is likely to depolish very quickly. 

We are not responsible for any damage resulting from unadvisable misuse of our jewelry.

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