As Valentine’s Day approaches, what could be more romantic than a collaboration with the Lover of lovers! You probably have already guessed who I am talking about: the bubbly and inspiring Elodie Wilmes, founder of Love & Tralala.

Our co-creation? A special edition necklace that revisits the ampersand “&” by sublimating it with gold and actual diamonds that come and marry the lines of this symbol so precious to Elodie. This necklace, a perfect symbol of love, pictured and built together, with beautiful and tidy lines, is waiting for you! 



Elodie and I are both really sensitive individuals with a traveling spirit and plenty of creativity to share. Indeed, we quit our job before our 30s to live of our passion. Elodie Wilmes has shifted from lawyer to happy event organiser and founder of Love & Tralala and me from psychologist to a passionate jeweler. For the special occasion of Valentine’s Day, the 18k yellow gold and diamonds necklace is offered at a special price of € 295! Indeed, I have provided a limited stock of this necklace since the work of the design is careful and meticulous. Hence, it is a really limited edition because it requires a lot of patience and time.

Elodie Love & Tralala


Our co-creation is a revisiting of the ampersand by sublimating it with gold and actual diamonds that come and marry the lines of this symbol so precious to Elodie. For her, this "symbolizes the bond between two people. Indeed, when you turned it around, it makes you think of an infinite acronym. Actually, it is in my “Love & Tralala” logo because I want to work on Love and everything that surrounds it!”

Elodie Love & Tralala


Elodie played the Chinese portrait game to introduce to you our co-creation:

# If you were a country: “I would be Bali for both the harmony and the joy, the life changes and the magic that this country inspires me!”

# If you were a color: “Gold to add sparkles to the lives of everyone I meet!”

# If you were a flower: "A peony because these are the favorite flowers of my brides due to their delicacy and kindness.”

# If you were a precious stone: “Diamonds are the girls’ best friends, right?

# If you were a symbol: “The ampersand chosen for this necklace that we have co-created.”

Elodie Love & Tralala


We have selected recycled 18K gold and diamonds because all my jewels are carefully designed using recycled gold. Since a lot of gold is already circulating on the market, the one from the mine is no longer at all a necessity. In the meanwhile, diamonds are chosen in accordance with the process of Kimberley, which attempts to fight war diamonds and assures that they come from legal suppliers and are not involved in a conflict.

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