Today is International Yoga Day. Kundalini yoga was the beginning of my inner revolution.  

Thanks to this confinement, I had a click, I felt that this kundalini yoga had become a deep need and not just a practice.

Kundalini allows me to take back the power of my life by developing my intuition. It helps me to feel grounded, to feel that security is inside me and not outside or through secure people. It allows me to experiment without being expectant and to take off the mask I've been wearing for a long time to just be myself.



It is the awakening of consciousness and creative potential. Kundalini yoga originated in India and was introduced to the West by Yogi Bhajan. He decided to bring it to a wider audience and moved to the United States in the 1970s to found his school, and train teachers.

Kundalini is a powerful life energy that rests at the base of the spine. It is often depicted as a snake coiled at the bottom of the spine, at the sacrum. The purpose of Kundalini Yoga is to awaken this energy and make it flow from the sacrum down the spine to the top of the skull, moving along the seven chakras, the seven energy centres of the body.

The activation of this energy leads to the spiritual awakening of the practitioner. The aim of Kundalini is to develop one's intuition (by activating the 3rd eye), to chase away stress, to reconnect to oneself and to calm one's emotions. On a physical level, the movements performed strengthen the muscles and the breathing exercises strengthen the immune, digestive, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.

A Kundalini yoga session is composed of mantras (sacred chants), dynamic or static asanas (postures), mudras (hand postures), bandhas (body locks), meditation and pranayama (breathing exercise). The krya is the set of postures. A kundalini session usually lasts 1.5 hours. 

The Power of KUNDALINI

"Happiness is everyone's birthright." Yogi Bhajan

For 40 days, I got up at 6am to practice sadhana. As someone who tends to stay up late, this was not without its challenges.
The ideal is to practice sadhana in the morning before sunrise to give yourself and the world an energy of peace and joy. It is said in kundalini that one hour of practice protects us for 10 hours. This is why classical sadhanas last a little over 2 hours. 
After 2-3 body awakening exercises, we chant a series of mantras. It should be noted that we have more or less a thousand thoughts per blink of an eye. For people whose thinking works in a tree structure (like me), the mind never lets go. This is very tiring. The mantras, these phrases that one repeats while chanting, help to channel and tire the mind. It helps me a lot.

I was very surprised at how easy it was to put new things, new habits in place in my daily life in times of crisis when in "normal" times it was supposedly impossible. And what's more with these Kundalini challenges. 

I have already returned to work "normally" and I continue to keep this daily practice so important to me and so much it has become a need and no longer an injunction (good for you for doing it) because it is my body that tells me I need it and not my mind as before. I spend 1 hour a day on it. At the same time I'm working with a coach to calm down my hectic lifestyle. And for the moment it works. It is often said in kundalini that it takes 40 days to break a habit, 90 days to get into a new habit, 120 days and you become that habit and finally 1000 days and you master that habit. 

Recently, I sent my two favorite mantras to a friend who also has a mind that runs at a thousand miles an hour and is plagued by insomnia regularly. She found these two mantras ma-gni-fique and said "really healing"! I can only advise you to try it if you feel like it!

Yoga helps me to understand my body.

Yoga helps me a lot to detach myself from my mind which works at a thousand miles an hour and non stop and to be more in touch with my body sensations without judgement, just observing without particular expectations.

The discipline of kundalini yoga is therefore a holistic approach. It includes, as I said, a sequence of postures, relaxation and meditation, often while chanting mantras. But it goes far beyond that! It is a way of thinking, a way of life, a way of being. For me, this approach is the link between the soul, the mind and the body. This is the first time that I am in dialogue with my soul and that I am listening to it and not to my mind. As Caroline Benezet, a kundalini teacher, says: "When you start serving your soul, you are then able to serve those around you. "Kundalini really allows you to raise your vibratory frequency and radiate around you. Today, this spiritual step seems obvious and essential in my life path!

I have always been in a personal development process (thanks to many tested tools and my basic training which is psychologist) but now a new dimension has opened up to me, the connection with the soul and this is very new for me. It is in my opinion this additional connection that today I am no longer exclusively in a personal development process but rather in a spiritual process. Personal development is a reflection between the body and the mind while spirituality brings this third element which is the connection with the soul and therefore with the universe. 

Yoga Kundalini

I leave you with one of my favorite mantras which is part of the subagh krya which is the krya of prosperity and abundance (on all levels).

Get carried away!;)