Gold necklace Ong Namo/Sat Nam

409,09 €

409,09 €

This collection was inspired by Kundalini Yoga.
This medal is a gri-gri engraved with the two mantras that open and close a Kundalini Yoga practice.
Ong Namo guru dev namo= I bow to the teacher within me who enables me to move from darkness to light. This is the Adi Mantra for kundalini lovers ;)
Sat Nam= True identity.
Precious metal: Yellow gold 750
Average weight of gold: 2gr
Medal diameter: 0,9 cm
Adjustable length: 43-45-50 cm

Sat Nam is engraved on the front and Ong Namo on the back.

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This jewel is on pre-order. The indicative time is 4-6 weeks for me to produce it. Thank you, Enora

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